Golden Retriever Regrows Hair after Five Months on DERMagic

March 03, 2016 2 Comments

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One of the most common problems DERMagic resolves is hair loss in pets. Not only can this be a frustrating condition, it is miserable for pets and their owners. Hair loss is one of the most difficult to treat ailments, but not if you’re using DERMagic!

This is part of an email we received from a man who recently used our products on his golden retriever, Lucy Lu.

Lucy Lu suffered from Alopecia X for over a year before Doug found our products. We think that the photos speak loudly enough for everyone.

“Lucy Lu had and to some extent still has issues with skin allergies.  Over a year ago she began to lose her chest hair and her skin became black and scaly. After visiting a dermatologist and trying over the counter medications, my quest for a natural and holistic remedy for her began due to the slow and perhaps non resolving condition. After visiting your website and reading about Alopecia X I purchased your products for this condition.  ”

“The first photo is her chest and into her armpits of the front legs before treatment with your program.”

“The second photo is her chest after about four(4) months of treatment.  As you can see her skin is turning back to pink and not seen well is the “peach” fuzz beginning to grow back.  I did not mind sacrificing a few T-shirts for your program!”

After six months of closely following your program(the cream, lotion and shampoo) her chest hair has fully grown back and to date she has no remission to Alopecia X.

“The last photo is Lucy Lu with her full chest of hair(not a close up photo of her chest though).  If she were to pose prior to treatment one could detect that she had no coat on her chest. Now she proudly goes out in public with a full coat and is not embarrassed!”

Lucy Lu is just one of thousands of dogs and cats we have successfully treated for Alopecia X and hair loss caused by yeast and other conditions. If your pet is experiencing any of these issues, we sincerely hope you’ll try our line of products which are backed by a 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Goldwynns Golden Retrievers
Goldwynns Golden Retrievers

January 17, 2019

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December 13, 2016

My Pom is 3 months into dermagic and he has short coat of hair covering all the previously bald areas (chest- back legs and under the next and belly) it’s still not full length and he still had bits that are bad and need to improve but I’m
Hoping to see results similar to yours – Thankx
For sharing – very re-assuring

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