Q.  Where are DERMagic products made? 
A.  All DERMagic products are made in the USA with ingredients produced in the USA.  We believe in supporting our national economy, minimizing our carbon footprint and making sure we consistently produce the best quality products possible.

Q. What ingredients are in your products?
A. You can use these all-natural skin care formulas with full confidence; they are made with the finest domestically produced certified organic whole-leaf aloe vera gel, vitamin E, organic shea butter, beeswax, therapeutic essential oils and soothing plant oils. Whenever possible organic ingredients are selected over non-organic. There are never any perfumes or artificial ingredients so you don't have to worry about harsh and irritating chemicals on your pet's skin.

Q.  What is the DERMagic System and how do I use it?
A.  The DERMagic System is a four-step process.  First, clean and condition the skin and fur, bathing no more than twice monthly.  Second, apply DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion daily to the affected areas to soak into the skin and kill fungus.  When the disease has retreated (up to 4-6 weeks), apply DERMagic Hot Spot Salve (an ultra-concentrated form of our Skin Rescue Lotion) to any small spots that remain, repeating until symptoms are gone.  Finally as new pink skin appears, boost immunity with DERMagic Cell Restoration Creme massaged in twice daily, as needed.  Even in the most serious cases, your pet can show remarkable improvement within two weeks.



Q.  My dog itches and scratches constantly.  Can DERMagic help?
A.  DERMagic products were created and are formulated for only one purpose, to eliminate the cause of itching and scratching, fast.

Q. What is a Hot Spot?
A. Hot spots are described as an inflammation and infection of the skin, sometimes caused by self-trauma such as what happens when a dog scratches or bites at the irritated area.  Hot spots can arise from an allergic reaction, from an underlying infection, or just from a dog biting and scratching at an itchy place.  Our Skin Rescue Lotion or Hot Spot Salve can be used to eliminate hot spots fast.

Q.  How can I prevent hot spots?
A.  Hot spots are almost always caused by an underlying infection or allergy or even a flea bite, any of which can be very difficult to identify.  With good diet, active flea prevention and good grooming, hot spots will be minimized.  But almost every dog will suffer from hot spots at some time in his life, no matter how well cared for.  Always have DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion or Hot Spot Salve on hand for those occasions.

Q.  My dog has a persistent hot spot(s).  Should I purchase the DERMagic Hot Spot Lotion or Salve?
A.  Either one will work just fine.  The Salve contains more lanolin, which helps it stick well to bare skin.  The Lotion contains more aloe vera gel and sesame oil, which aid in penetration through a thick coat or matted fur.  With either formulation, we recommend covering the area with a t-shirt or socks to prevent the animal from licking it off.  It will only work if it can stay on your pet!



Q.  Can DERMagic products help with allergies?
A.  An allergy is a reaction to a specific allergen.  Our products cannot cure an allergy, however the secondary response is itching and scratching, which opens the skin and leads to infection, hot spots, sores, hair loss and potentially mange.  We recommend you start off with the DERMagic System and eliminate the itching/scratching cycle before it leads to bigger problems.

Q.  My dog has really bad dandruff.  How do I get rid of it?
A.  Dandruff can be caused by many things.  Examples are often as simple as an imbalance in the pH of the skin or from poor quality shampoo.  To get rid of it fast, use our DERMagic Dead Sea Anti-Dandruff Salt Scrubs as a wet scrub just prior to bathing.  Just wet your dog down and massage a handful or two deeply into the fur.  The massage will feel wonderful to your dog and the aromatherapy will calm him even more.  Next shampoo and condition your dog with DERMagic liquid or bar shampoo and conditioner and rinse thoroughly.  After drying you will notice the dandruff will be gone!

Q. Does DERMagic clear up puppy acne?

A. Yes, DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion and/or Hot Spot Salve relieve puppy acne.  Puppy acne is a secondary reaction to a depressed immune system or bad diet.  For this reason, we also recommend an organic raw food diet to get their system straightened out over the long term, while DERMagic gets rid of the "zits" in the short term.


Q.  How do I know how much product to apply to my pet?
A.  Similar to the way you would use a hand lotion or a face cream, you should start with a small amount and add more for broader coverage.  There is no right or wrong amount as long as you make sure the entire irritated or infected area is completely covered.

Q.  I have a very small dog.  Do I need to buy the entire DERMagic System?
A.  Yes.  Small, medium and large dogs all benefit from the DERMagic System.

Q. Why is it recommended to put my pet in a t-shirt or baby socks during treatment?
A.  DERMagic products work to eliminate the underlying infection or irritation but it's very important that the products stay on the skin to be effective.  While it won't harm your pet if he licks the product off, it works much better from the outside rather than the inside!  So we recommend covering the affected area to prevent your pet from licking it off.


Q. What if my pet ingests any of the DERMagic products?

A.  All DERMagic products are safe if accidentally ingested.  No worries.  Animals have a natural tendency to lick themselves clean, and this is one reason we recommend covering the affected areas with a t-shirt or socks during treatment.  These products work much faster if they can remain on the skin.


Q.  I recently read that people shampoo shouldn't be used on pets.  Why not? 
A.  Never use anything on your pet that is made for people!  The difference is people have a different pH for their skin and hair.  People are more acidic (pH 1-7) and dogs have a more alkaline skin and coat (pH 7-14).  DERMagic liquid and bar shampoos and conditioners are carefully pH-balanced for pets and will not dry or irritate their skin.

Q.  What is SLS and why is it harmful?
A.  SLS stands for Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, two similar compounds found in almost every shampoo as well as many soaps, detergents, toothpastes and other products that we expect to "foam up". Both chemicals are very effective foaming agents, chemically known as surfactants. Reports have indicated that concentrations as low as 0.5% could cause irritation and concentrations of 10-30% caused skin corrosion and severe irritation.  We believe that some diagnoses of allergies could be attributed to use of the wrong shampoo or to SLS in particular. 


Q. I don't live near a retail store that carries your products.  Do you ship?
A. Yes, we ship to addresses throughout the world.  Luckily, you don't need to be close to a store that carries our products to be able to end your pet's skin problems.  

Q. I've changed my mind. How do I return DERMagic products?
A. Simply return the unopened container to the store from which it was purchased. (See their return policy.)  If you purchased the product through our website, return it to us within 30 days of your purchase, along with the original purchase confirmation and your name and address. 


Q. Is there a guarantee on your products?
A. Absolutely!  We stand behind our products and if you purchased our products through our website and are not fully satisfied with any of our products, we will cheerfully refund your product purchase price no questions asked!  See our return policy here.