Using DERMagic with Nzymes Healthy Skin Program.

1. Use DERMagic products every single day.

2. Shampoo once a week for the first two weeks and twice a month after that, using our Peppermint/Tea Tree Shampoo or our Skin Rescue Shampoo Bar with Sulfur and Neem Oil.

3. Do not use baking soda rinse. Our shampoos are correctly pHbalanced for this, and baking soda can be drying.

4. Use DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion twice daily for the first week, once daily thereafter. Use the lotion like hand lotion, massaging deeply into the skin and follicles. Do not use too much. Your pet should not feel greasy or be wet-looking. If there is rustcolored hair between the toes, use the lotion there too, daily.

5. Keep your pet in a tee shirt to protect the skin and help keep the lotion on. Kmart has infant “onesies” for about $2.00 and these are perfect for most dogs.

6. DERMagic kills the yeast that is causing the black skin and odor deep inside the hair follicles. Do not try to scrub or peel the black skin. When the skin underneath is healthy and ready, it will push off the old dead black skin, much like a scab. Do not try to rush this process.

7. If the skin becomes red or hot, skip a day with the lotion and let the skin rest. Remember that patience and persistence are the keys to reversing this disease. These products were developed specifically to kill yeast and other fungi that cause Black Skin Disease and they will work, when used as directed by DERMagic.

8. Questions? Please contact us at 651-457-9064