April 27, 2016

Is your dog losing hair? Skin turning black? Gus's Story

Is your dog losing hair?  Skin turning black? Gus's Story

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We want to show you a real dog with a real problem that so many dogs experience.  Meet Gus, son of Angela.  Gus had been diagnosed with a thyroid problem and was losing his hair, and his skin was turning black.  This picture below shows how widespread this disease had become.

Many dogs with this problem are diagnosed with "bilateral Alopecia" or Alopecia X.  You can read more about this on our website, but basically this is a medical term that describes the obvious symptom of hair loss.  It says nothing about what is causing it.  When you take your dog to the vet and say "he's losing his hair", the vet might respond by telling you "It's Alopecia", which is exactly what you just said to him but in a different language.

There are so many possible contributors to this problem, but what ultimately happens is that, regardless of why the dog's immune system was diminished, something nasty gets under the skin and causes this specific problem, and very often it's simply the common yeast (a type of fungus) that lives on all dogs.  If it gets under the skin, this is what can happen... and there is only one way to get rid of it and get the hair back.


Here's Angela's story:  Ok DERMagic....we are loving your products!!!! Gus is doing so much better!!! He has a thyroid problem and was losing his hair! His skin was turning black too! :(   He also has allergies...his paws would get really red and he would bite them until they would bleed....until....we used the Hot Spot Salve product...it is instant relief for him! This picture is what his skin looked like when we started the product...I must say...he also enjoys us applying the Skin Rescue lotion...hehe... :) 


Then, we heard from Angela and Gus a couple months later in late April:  Here is a pic that I took today of Gus!!!! His skin is not black and his hair is growing back!!!! We are so happy!!!! Thank you DERMagic!!!!! We will keep you posted! :)

Angela wrote a wonderful article in FIDO Friendly's blog about Gus's skin problems and all the treatments they tried.  I suspect many of you have similar stories to tell.  I personally nearly lost a dog to black skin because the vets gave up and wanted to euthanize her.  No way was THAT going to happen! And that's why we are here today, because no one seemed to know what to do to reverse black skin disease.

So back to Gus today: DERMagic .....look at my baby!!! His hair has completely grown back!!! We are so excited!!! :)

Well, Angela and Gus, we are so excited too!  Gus is a very handsome fellow and doesn't he look proud now with his hair restored!

We are going to include a link to this story in our newsletter, which goes out to lots of veterinarians... with the sincere hope that no one will ever have to lose their dog again, or even have to live with the agony of the itching and pain their pet is suffering with this horrible disease.  There is an answer... and it's topical, contains no steroids, antibiotics or antihistamines, and is completely safe and natural.   

Today, like most other days in this business, my heart is happy because we were able to help Gus and so many others like him.  This is the only reason why I come to work in the morning.  Thank you, Gus and Angela, for making my day!

Puppy love and licks to all! - Adelia