Give the Gift of Green this Holiday Season!

December 01, 2015

Show how much you care...

When we first started this company, we made a corporate commitment to making pet skin care a sustainable lifestyle that's accessible and attainable and that works. Every skin care product we offer has a specific purpose for restoring and/or maintaining good skin and coat health, but also to reduce our carbon pawprint by reducing consumption and pollution, protecting natural resources, and replenishing and restoring the planet. To meet this commitment, all of our pet skin care products are made in the USA with recycled, recyclable, natural, renewable, and organic materials, with the utmost respect for the Earth and its people.


This year, we hope you will join us in thinking “Green” when choosing gifts for your pet-loving friends and family! We have the greenest and most organic, sustainable products on the market, and people and pets love them!

So, instead of bulky liquid shampoos and conditioners that contain a lot of water, are heavy (therefore costly to ship), are packaged in plastic bottles, and contain preservatives, give the gift of organic solid shampoo bars and natural conditioner bars

Here are just a few of the earth-friendly advantages of our solid shampoos and conditioners compared to liquids:


  • Bars are small but oh-so-powerful, lasting more than twice as long as a 16-oz bottle of liquid! 
  • Our bars are packaged in natural cardboard boxes, which are post-consumer recycled and recyclable, with the added benefit of allowing the shampoo bar to breathe (which makes your home smell like heaven).
  • Shampoo and conditioner bars are lightweight compared to liquids, and cost much less to ship. We’ve taken all the water out!
  • Our shampoo bars are 100% Organic!
  • Bars are portable… and perfect for travel, camping, etc. No spills!
  • For every 10 bars we sell, we plant a native tree!
  • We can ship shampoo bars anywhere in the world without feeling guilty about the environment. Compared to shipping shampoo, which is mostly water, the carbon pawprint is reduced at least 75%!

    True sustainability requires attention at every step of the way, so we are also committed to the efficient, eco-friendly transportation of our materials and products.This means minimal, recycled packaging, locally-sourced materials, and carbon-neutral shipping on every order we deliver to you or to our retailers. 


    Finally, we are committed to educating, informing, and inspiring in everything we do, to raise awareness of the threats facing our planet and the benefits of a more sustainable lifestyle. We hope we have inspired you to think green this holiday season, with natural and earth-friendly, sustainable products for all your holiday giving.  And don't forget the furkids! 

    Best wishes for the happiest holiday season, naturally...

    Dr. Adelia

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