December 01, 2010

Keeping America Green... One Pet a a Time

Keeping America Green… One Pet at a Time… 

What does it mean to be a “green company”?  What is a “green company” anyway?  I’m really wondering, because to some folks, especially looking back to the greenwashed Nature's Pathway at Superzoo last September, apparently just wearing green shirts in the trade show booth was enough to qualify. 

At DERMagic, we have a different idea about what “green” means, or rather, what it should mean.  But, as Kermit says, “It ain’t easy being green.”  

Below are some of the green things we actually do now.  Every effort we make, and that anybody makes, really matters.  

... Recycling and reusing materials, like cartons and cases, used and reused styrofoam peanuts, natural cornstarch packing peanuts, printing on both sides of the paper, etc. Everything gets a second and third chance around here.  Not only is this a very practical Green practice, it helps keep costs down and the savings are passed on to our customers.

 ...Creating packaging for all our products that is recycled, recyclable, reusable or from renewable sources.  Our organic shampoo bars are an excellent example, packaged in simple recycled cardboard boxes. 

... Seeking manufacturers who adopt an Earth-friendly philosophy in their practices, procedures and products.  For one example, our shampoo bar manufacturer plants a native tree for every ten shampoo bars that we sell.  (Hint:  Help us reforest the Oregon wilderness!  Buy more shampoo bars!) 

... Using natural and organic ingredients in our products... rather than synthetic and "artificial."  Example: our Cell Restoration Crème contains only five ingredients, all organic.  And nothing else -- no preservatives, emulsifiers, texturizers, stabilizers, or any of that stuff.

 ... Manufacturing all our products exclusively in the USA.  This is a "green" practice because the carbon footprint from shipping pallets of inventory from a manufacturer across the ocean is excessive and unnecessary. Further, we do this to help protect jobs here in the US.  And further, we are more able to monitor the quality of products supplied by our vendors and manufacturers when they are close by.

Well, maybe it ain’t easy being green, but it’s what we do and what we all must do much more of.

 Best to all!

 - Adelia