May 24, 2016

Fleas Flee from DERMagic Diatomaceous Earth Products!

Yes, it's a really bad flea season this year. Did you know that for every flea you see on your pet, there are 100 more in your house and yard and car? Scary, especially when you consider how toxic and dangerous some of those flea products out there can be!

Now it's possible to treat for pesky critters and ticks without all those poisons, naturally with organic products like DERMagic's Diatomaceous Earth and Diatomaceous Earth Bar, both containing organic, food-grade diatomaceous earth. 

Diatomaceous Earth is a fine white powder made by tiny (microscopic) water creatures that make silica-based shells for themselves. These tiny shells fall to the bottom of lakes and oceans over millions of years, accumulating in massive white deposits that are then mined and crushed to a fine powder. Deadly to any insect or larvae, each tiny “shell” is very sharp, like razor blades to insects, but completely harmless to all animals, including fish and birds, both externally and internally.

How often can I use DERMagic Earth Dust?

Diatomaceous Earth from DERMagic is the best all-natural, completely-safe insect repellent made with of Diatomaceous Earth (DE). You no longer need to use toxic chemicals, sprays or drops! DERMagic's earth dust is the perfect all-natural companion to the very popular organic Diatomaceous Earth Bar, which removes pesky critters and lice on your pet while leaving the coat healthy and shining.

DERMagic Diatomaceous Earth is completely safe for your dogs and cats, but as with anything, moderation is best. Use our handy refillable shaker top bottle to sprinkle lightly onto your pets once per day. Earth Dust can also be used in your pet’s environment to prevent fleas from settling in to your pet’s bed and surrounding areas. Treat the area initially by sprinkling liberally around areas your pet sleeps and plays. After the initial treatment, you can retreat once a day or less often.

How often can I use the Earth bar Bar?

Our Earth bar Bar offers lasting protection so you don’t have to bathe your pets so often! We recommend that you bathe your dog no more than twice per month, and less often if possible. If you have never used a shampoo bar, check out our video to see how easy it is! Dry your dog as usual, and you might even want to use a flea comb to brush out any remaining flea remains. Be sure to give your pets’ sleeping areas (and your pets) a light dusting with our Earth dust too! Bathe your dog again every two weeks during flea season to keep them under control and off your dog. 

Our Earth bar Bar (or any shampoo) should not be used more often than twice monthly, and less often is even better. While it’s perfectly safe to use it more frequently, baths can strip natural oils from your pet's coat. Less is more when bathing!

What about fleas in my house and car?

The reason you need to deal with ALL areas your dog hangs out in is because you will only see about 1% of the critters that are pestering your dog, and that doesn't include all the hidden eggs waiting to hatch and feast on your little buddy.

To treat your home, follow these directions: 

  • Begin with a thorough vacuuming of the house. This includes any pet bedding, couches, and other areas your pets like to sleep. Be sure to empty and clean the vacuum canister or dispose of the vacuum bag after each use!
  • Wash any bedding your pets use as you normally would.
  • Give your pet a bath with our organic Diatomaceous Earth Bar. This will eliminate pesky critters from the coat without toxins or chemicals.
  • When your dog is completely dry, sprinkle Earth dust lightly on your dog and lightly massage it into their coat for added protection. Our Earth dust is perfectly safe for pets and people, but deadly to insects. 
  • Sprinkle Earth dust throughout the home, focusing on areas where pets like to sleep. (Note: Daily vacuuming is important to flea control. Each time you vacuum, you should reapply Earth dust to bedding and floors).

To treat your yard, follow these directions:

  • Begin by removing dead foliage, such as leaves or old sticks.
  • Cut back excess weeds and keep the lawn well mowed.
  • Sprinkle a fine layer of DERMagic Earth dust around the yard wherever your pet spends time. Our 1-lb bag is perfect for this use and it’s affordable as well!

Treat your home as often as needed. DERMagic Earth dust is perfectly safe for dogs and cats, even for humans and very sensitive animals like birds and fish!  

Here's wishing everyone a healthy and flea-free summer! 

Best woofs, Adelia