December 30, 2015

Brrr!!! Shiver Me Timbers!!!

Now that winter has roared in most everywhere, there are some things you should consider when letting your dog or cat outside in the snow and ice.

In the great Pacific Northwest, our climate is usually pretty mild around Seattle, and we usually get mostly rain all winter long. But almost everywhere else, there’s snow and ice to deal with and 

often very cold temperatures. 

Here’s what can happen with your pet, what to watch for, and how to prevent or repair any cold-weather damage:

  • Suit up! A little jacket, sweater or fleece coat will really help prevent the skin from becoming dry, flaky and itchy from low humidity and cold temps.
  • Keep them dry! Rain combined with cold temperatures is a dangerous combination if your pet is left outside. If he gets wet from an outdoor potty break in the rain, do him a favor by toweling him off immediately when he comes in. My dogs love a big thirsty towel thrown over them, and then a mini-rubdown, paying special attention to the legs, feet and between the toes.
  • This also gives you another opportunity to make sure his feet and pads are in good shape. Check for any cracks in the pads or any redness between the toes. Put cotton socks on him!
  • A dog nose should be wet, but not necessarily cold. If it’s dry, keep an eye on it for a little while. If it stays dry, moisturize it for him with a little dab of DERMagic Cell Restoration Crème. If it’s cracked or chapped from frosty air, do this a few times a day until it returns to normal. 
  • Exfoliate! Alternating from frigid air to overheated and dry indoor air is brutal on a dog’s skin (and the same applies to humans). Your dog’s skin can become very dry, leading to flakiness and itchiness and a vulnerability to all kinds of skin ailments. Nip this in the bud at the first sign of a flake! These usually appear on the rump near the tail, and can be spotted when brushing the fur backwards along the spine. Get rid of it instantly with a single treatment with DERMagic Dead Sea Salt Scrubs! Wet your dog down and massage the salt crystals into his fur until they dissolve. Keep massaging a little while just to give your dog a treat (they love this!), then rinse and shampoo normally! Check out the video on how make your dog feel like a queen or king!  Like magic, the flakes are gone, the pH of your dog’s skin is restored, and no more itchiness!


So, here in the Pacific Northwest, where the weather is always mild, we are a little envious of other locations with lots of snow, crisp temperatures, and where an outing with the dogs takes planning, little coats and sweaters, a hair dryer to get the little snow clumps off, and lots of time.  Our dogs love the snow and they miss it!  Tell us about yours!  We'd love to hear from you and see your Snow Pix!  

Dr Adelia