January 22, 2016

Oliver Timmy Teper, the DERMagic Man...

Introducing Koukla's fave heart throb, Ollie (The Man) Maltese.  We are going to let him tell his own story through a series of Facebook notes he sent as he was going through a nasty skin issue.  OK, Ollie, you're on, little cutie:

"I had to run back since I was taking the picture myself, only had 10 seconds for the self timer to click. Its hard when you have paws and using mom's digital without her permission. Wood...woof...Nap time now...very pooped!"

    • Adelia Ritchie Tell me about this allergy stuff!
      January 6 at 6:34pm 
    • Oliver Timmy Teper 
      My skin was doing great since I started using Dermagic (you remember)
      All of a sudden I started getting these patches of dry skin (round & pink) I had it around my forehead, right ear, and my hind legs. By the time anyone notices it's already dry. But, the one in the ear area is not inside my ear but on the tip of my ear. My sores/patches are flaky. I'm not itching, so Mom is taking me tomorrow. What do you think Dr. Ritchie? My hair still looks good :) and Mom bought more shampoo :)

      January 6 at 7:00pm

    • Adelia Ritchie Let me send you some Skin Rescue Lotion. You don't want this to get worse and shampoo won't fix it. ♥
      January 6 at 7:29pm 
    • Oliver Timmy Teper Adelia, mom just read about the Rescue Lotion. Yup, everytime I have a rash my vet diagnoses this as "seborrheic dermatitis". 
      January 6 at 7:46pm
      • Adelia Ritchie Seborrheic dermatitis is a name that describes symptoms, but says nothing about the cause, which could be anything but is most often a yeast, a form of fungus. Let's hope this is a yeasty thing, because that will be banished in a flash with DERMagic. ♥ ♥ ♥ you sweet thing!
        January 12 at 3:57pm 

      • Oliver Timmy Teper Thank you sooo much ! I'll cross my paws and hope its a yeasty thing.

      arf...arf...Adelia, I just received your package. Mommy is going to bathe me tonight....I ♥ you my sweetheart....Check my status in a day or two....I'm so yappy !!! Woof ♥ Ollie

      "Last week I was breaking out on the forehead and belly. I used the [DERMagic Skin Rescue] Shampoo Bar once and the forehead mess went away :D and I am not itchy or red. The dark speckles in my under belly - gone. Right now Mom is applying the rescue lotion on only one hot spot...that's all. Puppy licks to Adelia ♥"
      Busy morning Adelia. My groomer said I look 100% better :) Its only been a week. Irene said I have alot of SASS !! Woof...woof...Ollie T 

      Hey Gorgeous :P I'm feeling magical and oh sooo yappy. Tell Koukla that her mommy will be surprised soon...not telling...but I'm just yelping...
      Woof...amazing transformation. Mom had a huge smile all weekend :D
      Dad could not believe the difference...arf...arf...arf...I'm a yappy Maltese.
      DERMagic Experience is magical. Check out my pics. The first one am checking out the products and the second one I kind of posed :D Woof Woof..This Maltese is a yappy little man !!
      Yawn :O Woke up this morning...looking rejuvenated :) No itching, no flakiness ! On the road to being a handsome Maltese again !! Arf...arf...my skin is pink again and my hair is white and gorgeous :D
      **NEWS FLASH** I am the little man...looking good after the DERMagic dipping. What an experience. I gave Mom a bad time..yelping and kicking in the tub. Arf...arf...all those little dark speckles disappeared and the places I had hot spots are close to vanishing. Now to apply the rescue lotion. I must give a big doggie Thank you and Hug to Adelia ♥
      Getting ready to be DERMagic Dipped....may the magic begin. I'll update my status once I'm out of the tub. I have yappy feeling about this ;)
      Just returned from the vet. I weigh 4lbs 13 ozs...all due to my daily stretches and laps around the living room :) Okay, Dr. Quan completely agreed with Dr. Ritchie and that I should start using the rescue lotion. Dr.Q said my hair looked good and that the little patches were not that bad but need to nip it now. I go back in 2 wks to see how I am doing.....A big THANK YOU to Adelia....she totally ROCKS !!!!
      Adellia, returned from the groomer. I am looking good. Mom used some Hot Spot Salve that she had when she bought the shampoo. I was yellow polka dots last night....but looked better after my grooming. Irene the groomer even said there was improvement. If only I could talk ...my first words would be "DERMAGIC" it works and I'm living proof :) ♥ ,♥ Oliver
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