May 25, 2016

Does your dog have tear stains?

Greetings, Folks! 

A quick note from the dog park yesterday.  I met a couple who has four snowy white Maltese with NO tear stains on their faces.  I wondered if they used a prevention product like Angel Eyes, or if they used a stain remover. 

Well, no!  It's so much simpler than that. These people accidentally discovered that pure well water or bottled water fed to their dogs instead of normal tap water is all it takes to prevent those ugly rust-colored facial stains.  Apparently something in our public drinking water (like fluoride, possibly) is causing this. 

Please try a change of water!  According to this couple it only takes a few days to notice the difference.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we didn't have to give our pets internal potions to counteract something that their drinking water is causing? 

Let us hear from you on this! 

Best wishes for healthy pets... Dr Adelia