June 12, 2013

Yogi's the Pomeranian's Miracle Recovery from Losing Hair and Skin Turning black

Yogi's the Pomeranian's Miracle Recovery from Losing Hair and Skin Turning black

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Dear Dr. Adelia and DERMagic:
 I have written to you before about the remarkable success of your products on our Yogi Bear.  I wanted to further update you with both story and picture.

Yogi was diagnosed with the "Black Skin" condition in 2005.  He was 10 years old at that time.  As the condition worsened, so did Yogi's health - but we were told the condition was cosmetic and his other problems were age-related.  My husband and I both now feel that your products saved Yogi's life.

Dr. Adelia told me that Yogi's energy would improve as well as his appetite, which they both did.  But to us, the amazing thing was little quirks to his personality also returned.  Even though he is nearly 16 years old now, Yogi is sleeping less, more interested in people and his surroundings and just a happier little guy in general.  We also have seen a change in his bladder.  When we began using the Skin Rescue Lotion, Yogi needed to urinate three times to empty his bladder as his stream was slow, much like a man with an enlarged prostate.  In the last month, we have noticed that he is no longer needing to "3 pee", he will go one time and back kick and strut like he did a good job.  He always used to do this.  We don't feel there is any other explanation other than his improved health from using DERMagic.
The first picture was taken in mid-June, 2010, three weeks into using DERMagic.  You can actually see the pink, healthy skin emerging.  The second picture is Yogi today.  Other than his tail, he looks like a pretty normal Pomeranian.  He is nearly blind and hard of hearing but otherwise a very happy little dog!  Thank you again, we are forever grateful.

Tom & Debbie Gilman