Fantastic Fall Activities To Do with your Dog

October 21, 2016

Fall is here. The leaves are turning and the air is crisp. Gourds and cornucopia arrangements are starting pop up in houses. Time to celebrate the end of the year with your pet.

Rake the Leaves

Raking leaves doesn't have to be a dull fall chore. Rake them into a big pile and jump in them with your dog. Human children will be delighted too.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Due to their outdoor nature, many pumpkin patches will allow you to bring your dog with if he or she is well-behaved and is on a leash. Let your dog sniff out a pumpkin and bring it home.

Carving Pumpkins

After visiting the pumpkin patch, bring it home and carve it with your pup. Use him or her as a model. If you're artistically gifted, free hand your dog with a marker before carving. Otherwise, print out a picture and tape it to the side of your pumpkin and make an outline by poking holes into the pumpkin's skin with a knife. 

Make a Costume for your Pet

Halloween is fast approaching and your pet wants to dress up too. Make it a an activity by making the costume yourself. Click here for ideas to dress up your pet.

Go on an Autumn Walk

Pick out a park that you've never been before. Or if you don't feel like trying something new, go to a park you haven't been to in awhile for a stroll with your dog. Take in the beautiful scenery and marvel at the changing landscape together. 

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