January 07, 2017

7 Healthy Snacks for Your Dog

7 Healthy Snacks for Your Dog

It's a new year and your dog wants to celebrate by having that toned body they've always dreamed of. Make his or her New Year's resolution come true by feeding them these 7 healthy foods. Just keep in mind that these are generalizations and that just like humans, some dogs may have an allergy to certain foods.  

1. Apples

 An apple a day keeps the doctor away is true for your dog too. Apples contain many healthy vitamins, such as vitamin A and C, that your dog could benefit from. Plus it freshens their breath. Just make sure to remove the seeds and stems and don't let them eat the core.

2. Watermelons

 Before giving this refreshing summer treat to your dog, make sure to remove the seeds and rind. Neither can be digested and could cause blockage in the digestive track.

3. Carrots

 Skin them and cut off the stems and they're good to go.

4. Sweet Potatoes

 To serve them to your dog, peel and cut them into cubes and pop them into the oven. After they're done cooking, let them cool off and serve them to your pooch.

5. Popcorn

 Dogs can eat popcorn as long as its fully popped, unsalted, and unbuttered.

6. Spinach

These healthy greens are great for your dog too. Pretend your Popeye and eat your spinach together.

7. Cantaloupe


Similar to how to serve watermelon, remove the seeds and rind, then serve them to your pet.