June 30, 2016

Holistic Veterinarians

Greetings, Everyone!    We have recently returned from the annual conference of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) in Covington, Kentucky, where we introduced our natural and organic skin care products to practicing veterinarians.  
We have known for a long time that veterinarians and their furry clients need effective topical products that can eliminate the itching and infection from the outside in, while nutrition and immune system strength are built up from the inside out.   Dog skin problems can be very tough to diagnose, and it can be even more challenging to restore healthy skin and coat.
In the case of dog skin allergies, this is especially true.  Often, the allergy symptoms have been raging for so long that difficult-to-treat secondary infections have set in.  Also, too often veterinarians prescribe steroids like Prednisone to treat the symptoms. These may offer temporary relief, but it is well-known that steroids only make the situation worse in the long run and will take a serious toll on your furkid's internal organs.
There is a wonderful paper published on the AHVMA site entitled "Natural Treatment for Dogs with Allergies," by Dr Lea Stogdale, DVM.  The only thing we would add to these recommendations would be the use of our Hot Spot Salve or our Skin Rescue Lotion for stubborn spots and rashes, to kill the infection fast.
Maintaining good nutrition and a healthy environment will go a long way toward preventing any dog skin problems, but when they inevitably appear in spite of all the love and care, now there's a fast and affordable alternative to traditional medications.