February 14, 2017

Eight Valentine's Day Ideas to Show Your Love For Your Dog

Eight Valentine's Day Ideas to Show Your Love For Your Dog

Mega Cuddle Session

Cuddling with dog.

Dogs make the best snuggle buddies. Cuddle up with your fluffy pooch and give them all your hugs and kisses. Make sure to give them lots of back scratches and belly rubs too.

New Dog Toy

dog toy

Who needs diamonds and chocolates when you can have a new toy? Get a new ball and play fetch in the backyard with your four-legged friend. Or buy another dog favorite, the squeaky toy. 

Watch a Movie Together

movies with dogs

Instead of going out, have a quiet night in with your dog and enjoy watching a movie together. Some dog approved movies to watch are Lady and the Tramp and All Dogs Go to Heaven. 

Giant Dog Bone Gift

dog bone

Make your dog's ultimate dream come true by surprising them with a meaty, over-sized bone. This will give them hours of entertainment. 

Go for a Walk

dog walks

"Do you wanna go for a walk?" is all I have to ask to get my dog to fly off the couch and jump up and down by the door. Give them an extra walk this week.

Write a Poem

poem for dog

Get out your pen and paper and put together a poem that tells your dog how your really feel. Here's one I put together:

Fire hydrants are red.

Dog leashes are blue.

I can't wait.

To go on a walk with you.

Buy a Spiffy Collar

dog collar

Make all the other dogs at the dog park jealous with a new collar. Many places like PetSmart or Petco let you bring your dog in the store so you can try them on. 

Praise Him or Her

happy dog

Nothing gets my dog's tail wagging more then telling him that he's a good boy. Dogs just want to please us so let them know they are doing a good job!