August 13, 2014

The Earth in Crisis

Peak Soil
The Silent Global Crisis,   BY STEPHEN LEAHY
 Folks,  here at DERMagic we worry a lot about ingredients.  We look at what they are and where they come from, their quality and purity, the sustainability of their source.  And we look at whether or not these ingredients are organic or from organic farms.
For just one example, we use natural beeswax in some of our formulations, and we are deeply concerned about what is happening to our pollinating honeybees in the last decade.  Our lives literally depend on the health of these tiny creatures.  If they disappear, the absence of beeswax will be the smallest of our problems.  There is no replacement for beeswax, and certainly not for honeybees.
But looking even deeper, beyond the creatures, beneath the vegetation, what is the nature of the soil that our plant materials come from?  How are these materials processed to preserve and protect the natural goodness in them?  And where and under what conditions will these plants be grown next year or in ten years?  
We are gravely concerned about what is happening globally to the soil that allows us to exist.  Yes, for now, we think about maintaining the high quality of our products through natural and organic ingredients, and through buying only from suppliers who share our ideals.  But looking ahead, we are concerned, not just about our company and our products, but about the future of our existence.
I ask you to click on the link below and read about what is happening around our planet.  We are not asking for anything... no donations, no sign-up, no email address.  Just read this excellent, carefully researched paper and let this awareness sink in.  I still believe it's not too late.