Tricks You Need to Teach your Dog

December 06, 2016

1. How to Drive a Car 


No need to call a taxi when your dog can be your chauffeur. Make sure to properly adjust your seat so your dog's paws can reach both the steering wheel and peddles. Make sure your dog cracks a window and parks in the shade so your windows don't get smashed in. This may not work for smaller breeds.

 2. Deliver you Pizza


Teach your dog to fetch something more useful than a ball, like a pizza. Think about all the money you'll save on delivery fees. No guarantee that your dog wont eat a couple slices on the way back though.

3. Do your Finances 


Tax season is coming up and you can fire your tax guy and hire your dog instead. You'll be able to take home your entire tax return and pay your pooch in treats. Besides it easy if done online.

4. Become your Workout Buddy


Make your New Year's resolution a success this year by training your dog how to work out with you. This way you'll always have someone to work out with and hold you accountable for the days you skip out.

5. How to Shoot Pool


Start bringing your dog to the bar with you and wow all your friend's with your dog's amazing pool skills. If you dog gets good enough, go ahead and enter him or her in a pool tournament and win the pot. 

6. Start a Band with You


Maybe it always been your dream to start a band or maybe your garage band fell apart after highschool. Well, it's not to late to chase your dreams. Be a two-man band by teach your dog how to play an instrument or be the singer if your dog has great vocals. Rock on.

7. Fetch You a Beer


Sometimes getting off the couch can be hard. You're just too comfy. Or you're watching a football game and can't peel yours eyes off the screen. But when you reach for your beer its all gone. It's time to teach your dog how open the fridge and get you a new one. I recommend also teaching him or her how to shut it too.

Disclaimer: the tricks on this blog are meant for satire purposes only. Please don't actually let your dog drive your vehicle or file your taxes for you. All images are not my own and come from GIPHY

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