November 04, 2016

Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend...

Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend...

They Love to Netflix and Chill 

Feel free to binge watch your favorite show in your underwear. Your pet won't judge you. Break out the sweats and the popcorn and watch the new season of Orange is the New Black in one day.  

They Have Your Back

Whether you're in actual peril or your pet just thinks you are, your pet is there for you. 

They Lift You Up When You're Feeling Low

When you're having a rough day, your dog is there to make you feel better. They'll lick away your tears and give you that much needed hug. 

They Trust You Completely

Your dog loves you unconditionally and will follow you wherever you go so make sure to be a good leader. 

They're Great at Snuggling

Dogs make great space heaters, especially in the colder parts of the year. Invite your furry friend to cuddle with you to warm up in bed.

 They'll Protect Your Home


Whether it be the UPS guy or that sketchy looking plastic bag that flew by the door, your dog can be your home alarm system. Fun fact of the day, dogs are known deterrent for burglars.

  They're Excellent Adventure Buddies
Get out there and explore the world. Well, at least when you're done binge watching your favorite T.V. show. Your dog can be your traveling companion so go tackle some mountains together.