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  • 'I purchased DERMagic on the recommendation of several other people who had itchy dogs. I love it and will be buying more. The smell is wonderful and washes and rinses out well. He seems much more comfortable' ~ P. Schuhmacher
  • 'So far good in keeping the fleas at bay. It seems to be working! It's nice to have something natural that works so i don't have to use chemicals.' ~ monkeezmaid
  • 'My poor dog has terrible allergies. The bottoms of his paws will get as red as a tomato and he will chew himself until there is no hair left and the skin is raw. I purchased DERMagic lotion, shampoo and conditioner and It has made him stop chewing completely! This stuff is working amazing!.' ~ K. D'Alessandro
  • 'My bulldog has had a rash for a few weeks, her vet said it was allergies, but nothing he suggested helped. I immediately purchased DERMagic and in four days her rash was totally gone. I would highly suggest this to ANYONE!' ~ ikiD

HEY, you guys make the best darn Rescue Bar and Lotion ever. I only wish I had known about this stuff a year ago! The fact that you are right here, local is ever more cool. In super short form, I have a dog with a systemic yeast infection and then 2 more dogs with more minor skin issues. What did I do? well I got myself a local bottle of Oatmeal shampoo, a quality product made near in ORE. BUT we all know that oatmeal is not what you want to add to a yeast infection.. cringe. Boy I made a mess of my dog. By using an oatmeal shampoo, I fed that yeast real well! I got it growing like a weed. In desperation I turned to Mud Bay here in Ballard/Seattle, WA. The people at Mud Bay are very educated about their products and pet issues. The gal there directed me to your Rescue Bar and the lotion. I also then saw a reference to your bar and lotion on a breeder's yeast protocol.. So right now poor Murphy is going to get at least 2 if not 3 baths a week with the DERMagic rescue bar. I can tell he feels so much better after. We then use the Skin Rescue Lotion after he is dry on the underside of his tail where the skin's gone, belly on the black spots (yeast), between his toes, arm pits, etc. It's going to be a long haul, no overnight fix. But I am glad to have a SAFE local product to rely upon. My other two chihuahuas will be getting weekly baths as they have some skin issues but not as major as the one. Thanks so much for making a high quality SAFE product. I cringe to think of the chemicals that I used to pour onto my poor little guy's skin. Of course the skin is absorbing everything we put onto the dogs. Using safe natural ingredients that actually WORK is dynamite. If you ever make a spray, please let me know!.. I am not sure if that's even possible with all of the ingredients used, but you never know. It may make application of the lotion a little easier in my thicker coated girl. I am planning to have her fur trimmed lower. That's two of the " 3 Amigos" Many thanks from the yeasty crew, Murphy, Pearl and Murrly from Seattle 
- T. Ethington - Seattle

The hair regrowth on bald areas is amazing!  It’s a transformational experience, after spending $3000 in vet and dermatologist visits.  
- Kyle Shepard, San Diego

This is the BEST product on the market. My maltese started to grow his hair back over night...yes, overnight! He actually had stubble the next morning. Now his coat is growing in beautifully! I bought the lotion first and now I have the shampoo and conditioner and I will ONLY use these products on my Divo from now on! Awesome!
- Andrea Nichols-Everett

Dear Dr Adelia,

I just want to let you know that I am amazed at your product (the Skin Rescue Lotion). It's been 2 wks since I started using it on my dog and I can't believe it cleared up all his hot spots so fast! He is all bouncy and active again compared to the miserable dog I knew 3 months ago. He was itchy all over then, with reddish inflamed skin. He would shiver when I touched him and was generally lethargic. I tried all kinds of anti fungal cream I could get hold of and some antibiotics from the vet. Nothing quite worked and if it did, it was very short-termed.  

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. What I really liked about it is that it not only heals the hot spots fast, but it is all natural. This gives me the confidence to use it without fear of my dog accidentally licking up some nasty chemical! I am so glad I chanced upon your website.

With warm regards,
- Mei-Woong, Singapore

My Cocker Spaniel Ginger and I wanted to say: DERMagic has really been helpful; extremely helpful. It has cleared up Ginger’s condition, tremendously. It is kinda magic. Really appreciate it. Ginger does too. And now her hair's growing back. We'll spread the good word!
- Tom S., Chicago, IL 

I have a 6-year-old Westie who about two years ago developed lesions on his nose, and he would rub it on the carpet, or scratch until it would bleed.  The vet prescribed antibiotics, which made them go away for about a month, then they would reappear.  After a couple of visits the vet said she had no idea what they were and suggested a biopsy, which I decided I would do only as a last resort.  It was also suggested that he see a "Westie allergy specialist." Several different products were recommended, none of which had any affect on the problem. Before having the biopsy done I thought I would give your product, Hot Spot Salve, a try.  I purchased a jar, used it as directed for three days, the lesions disappeared, and after two months have not returned. The dog does not rub his nose, the sores are gone, and the hair has grown back where it had been rubbed off. I am not sure what is in your product that worked, but it sure did. I will recommend this product to all the Westie owners I come in contact with.
- Paul Meshke

I have a mini-poodle that is black and I have tried numerous products to help with flaky skin. The salt scrub worked the very first time I used it!
- Kandis, Le Chic Pet

I rescued a Dogue de Bordeaux with serious skin issues.  We tried everything without success, until finding your products.  After a few applications of your Hot Spot Lotion, the improvement was remarkable. This product does just what it claims to do!
- Marie D., Wharton, NJ

Our Dachshund Slinky had terrible hair loss, hot spots, and was miserable.  After a very expensive trip to the vet with variable results, we decided to give DERMagic a try.  Within a couple of days we could actually see results.  It was so fast.  And, unbelievable that something really worked as promised.  We are now firm believers in DERMagic and never want to be without your products in our home.  Slinky is so happy and playful now.
- The F. Family, Altamonte Springs, FL.

The Hot Spot Lotion is AMAZING! Overnight the scabby stuff on my cat’s back was GONE!  I was completely blown away.  I have used two different spray-on skin products recommended by a vet that did nothing for her skin, and in one day your product gave instant relief!  Thank you so much, Dr Adelia! 
- Lee T., Edmonds, WA.

Rusty had hundreds of Mitaban dips and was taking shots to boost his immune system. Nothing was helping, until DERMagic. He’s better than he has ever been, and even  my neighbors commented on how much hair has grown back. I told my vet about DERMagic too!!! 
Julie E., Douglassville, GA

DERMagic’s Hot Spot lotion brought my English Bulldog (Lola) immediate relief from itching and what the Vet thought was seasonal alopecia on her flanks.  Her skin in both areas became more flexible and we noticed her fur has begun to grow back.
- Jim K., Kirkland, WA

Fleas left our Newfoundland itching and scratching, and in misery with open sores. We tried everything, including all the usual veterinary treatments, but DERMagic’s penetrating Hot Spot lotion is the ONLY thing that works.
- Julia H., Fox Island, WA>

Thanks to the wonderful DERMagic products, Sundae's back, which has been completely bare for months, now has hair growing!  And, the bad odor has totally disappeared.  I ordered some more tonight.
- Dr. Felicia J., Ridgeland, MS