Hear what our customers have to say

  • 'I purchased DERMagic on the recommendation of several other people who had itchy dogs. I love it and will be buying more. The smell is wonderful and washes and rinses out well. He seems much more comfortable' ~ P. Schuhmacher
  • 'So far good in keeping the fleas at bay. It seems to be working! It's nice to have something natural that works so i don't have to use chemicals.' ~ monkeezmaid
  • 'My poor dog has terrible allergies. The bottoms of his paws will get as red as a tomato and he will chew himself until there is no hair left and the skin is raw. I purchased DERMagic lotion, shampoo and conditioner and It has made him stop chewing completely! This stuff is working amazing!.' ~ K. D'Alessandro
  • 'My bulldog has had a rash for a few weeks, her vet said it was allergies, but nothing he suggested helped. I immediately purchased DERMagic and in four days her rash was totally gone. I would highly suggest this to ANYONE!' ~ ikiD