DERMagic Skin Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Combo


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Does your dog have skin issues? Is he or she scratchy, itchy or have red irritated skin? Then our Skin Rescue shampoo bar and conditioner bar combo is for you! 

Green Clean your pets!  When you have a wiggly pup in the sink, one hand does double duty with a shampoo bar! Our bars lather beautifully with no sulfates, rinse easily and cleanly, they’re portable meaning no more spills and they smell wonderful. You and your pets will love these, and one 3.5 oz bar will outlast a 12-ounce bottle of liquid shampoo for a great value too! Our Skin Rescue bar has the special power of sulfur and neem oil to help with combating skin issues. Sulfur has natural properties of being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, all while helping with dandruff too. Neem oil has natural properties of being anti-itch and soothing to the skin.

To use, just wet your dog and lather up, and rinse immediately. Do not leave your dog standing with suds on him. Follow up with the DERMagic conditioner bar. Lather into the skin and rinse immediately. Please don't bathe your dog too often! We recommend bathing no more than twice a month, or whenever they get dirty, whichever is longest between baths.  Keep their coat fresh between baths by brushing and combing daily with our Grooming Spritz.  

These wonderful shampoo bars are handmade in the Pacific Northwest from organic ingredients.  As a bonus, for every 10 shampoo bars purchased, a tree is planted!

Shampoo Bar Ingredients:  Saponified Vegetable Oils (Coconut Oil*, Olive Oil*, Castor Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Rice Bran Oil*), Neem Oil*, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Sulfur, Stearic Acid, Vitamin E. (* Certified Organic)

Conditioner Bar Ingredients: BTMS (Natural Vegetable Oil Extract), Cetyl Alcohol (made from palm and coconut oils), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil.

All DERMagic products are Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Best all natural skin care for dogs

I will never go back to the vet for help for shampoo and conditioner after discovering the Dermagic system. This has been the only cure for the years of ongoing skin and yeast issues with a cocker spaniel. It is so easy to use and it smells great and works even better. I will be a customer for life.

Excellent product

Will buy again

Dermagic skin rescue shampoo and conditioner

Yes I would definitely buy it again and recommend this to others and very good products my Pomeranian fur is slowly growing back

Shampoo and conditioner

I bought this product a little over a month ago for my dog who has severely itchy skin. he's got bald spots from his constant scratching. I have to bathe him once a week because he always rolls in dirt to try and scratch his back. I try to stop him but it doesn't work every time. Plus he gets dirty very quick. So i've used the shampoo and conditioner bar maybe 3 or 4 times and haven't noticed a change. it's a good shampoo and conditioner in general, it just hasn't helped my dog so far. i'm going to keep trying and hope for the best because I can't find anything to help my dog.

Great product

I would reccommend Dermagic products!!
It helped my dog in hair recovery and Skin health.


I will continue to use it

DERMagic Skin Rescue Conditioner Bar

Fantastic! My dog's hair feels smoother and softer with the conditioner bar.

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Dermagic to the rescue...

12 year old dog with fungal skin and some black skin spots. DerMagic Skin Rescue and Conditioner bar are the only things that worked for bathing. Also did the whole system with Neem lotion and spray which helped hair loss and fungal smell. Love all natural ingredients and that they are made in the USA. Nothing the Vet did helped... I highly recommend DerMagic products.

Definitely Work - Cannot be without them

These products are a must for anyone dealing with yeast or any other problem that causes your pet to scratch a lot. We actually use all the products, the lotion that soothes and stops the itching as well as the creams that promote faster healing. The Shampoo and Conditioner Bar works well for me when I am bathing our pet because I can get his underside lathered up well. Although we also use the liquid shampoo and conditioner at times. We are so thankful for all the products and so is our little dog as we are going through this healing process.