February 24, 2022

Controlling Static Electricity in Pets with DERMagic

Controlling Static Electricity in Pets with DERMagic

We’re in the dry days of winter now, which means if you have carpet and a pet, you've probably shocked your pet (and been shocked) more than once.

This is problematic on several levels. It can create mistrust in sensitive pets (who probably don’t understand the science). It is not fun at all for humans or pets, and it can negatively impact your relationship with your pet. If you live in the arid deserts of the Southwest, you know first-hand how annoying it can be when it happens on a regular basis.

Cause of Static Electricity

Static electricity is what happens when the air is dry and cold, and the humidity is low. But some places, like those in the west and southwest, can see problematic static shock all year long.

If you’re in a home with lots of carpet, you can also count on being shocked throughout the day. As we and our pets shuffle across a carpeted floor, the static can build up and unleash the second we touch an object (be it human, pet or an inanimate object).

Controlling Static Electricity in Pets & People

How to Reduce or Eliminate Static Shock


Once humidity levels drop to less than 30% in your home, you may want to consider a humidifier.

Not only can a humidifier help keep moisture levels up, it can provide some much needed moisture to you and your pet’s nasal cavity to help reduce allergy symptoms and respiratory conditions.

Grooming Spray

DERMagic Skin Rescue Grooming Spritz is a wonderful shield against electric shock and just one application can last several days. Our grooming spray contains rich oils and conditioning agents that help keep your pet’s coat protected, soft and hydrated. It is the perfect anti-static remedy for your dogs, cats and horses.

If your dog or cat is a bit nervous around by spray bottles, make sure to spray onto a brush, then use the brush to comb into your pet’s fur. You can also spray directly onto your hands, then pet your animals to apply the spritz. 


Before you touch your pet, make sure to touch a different object to “ground out” your electrical charges. However, this doesn’t guarantee your pet has grounded out, so this still may not be the best solution. 

Ionic Grooming Tools

We will preface this by saying we haven’t tried the “ionic grooming tools” but they do claim to remove static.

The theory behind ionic pet brushes is that plastic insulates electrical currents, while metal conducts it. Also, ionic grooming tools reportedly release safe levels of ozone that not only positively charge the air, but also have the reported potential to remove smells.

Groomers may also benefit from exploring ionic finishing dryers for their facility. 


Adding a bit of fish oil or coconut oil to your pet’s meal can help keep their skin and fur conditioned and hydrated. Nourishing foods are very important all year round, but they are critically important during winter. 

Foods rich in Omega 3s are the best option for improving your pet's skin and coat

If your pet is on a restricted or LID diet, Mendota Pet offers an incredible Skin and Coat powder supplement. This is a fantastic option for improving your pet's coat during winter. 


Drinking lots of water is also key to reducing static shock. Pet fountains are ideal for encouraging your dogs and cats to drink more water. This is also important for humans!

Not only can static electricity cause a sometimes-painful shock, but the discharges can also ignite flammable items and damage electronics. Pets often receive the brunt of static shock as their furry paws walk on carpet, then touch a metal water bowl or another surface (like a highly-charged human).

Completely eliminating static shock may not be possible, but you can certainly employ a few of these tricks to reduce the possibility!