May 03, 2021

Kelly the Pomeranian Beats Black Skin Disease and Alopecia X

Kelly the Pomeranian Beats Black Skin Disease and Alopecia X

We have thousands of stories of Pomeranians and other breeds who have beat black skin disease, alopecia X and hot spots. This is the story of Kelly and her extensive journey with DERMagic. 

Our goal is to provide some hope to the owners of dogs who think their dog is having a reaction to DERMagic. Sometimes, it just takes longer to get the results you want. That's okay. There is often hidden yeast, the yeast can migrate to new areas, and often the situation is much more involved than you think. Here is Kelly's story.

Kelly began our system in October, 2020. You can't tell from these photos, but Kelly has a very long strip down the middle of her back and behind her ears that is almost totally bald and dark with black skin. 

Her owner was determined to beat this condition and you'll see how much healthier and happier her dog is after full treatment. 

Day One: 

Excitement and optimism as Kelly begins her DERMagic journey! You can't tell from the photo, but the areas along her spine and behind her ears have lost all of their fur. 

Kelly Day one BSD

Kelly in October, 2020 and 8 weeks later in December, 2020. 


As you can see, she began losing fur on her chest. This is totally normal. The yeast can migrate and move around, sometimes you just can't tell how extensive the condition until the dog has started treatment.

Don't become discouraged if it doesn't happen the way you anticipate. 

Luckily, Kelly's devoted owner continued the treatment. You'll see how scary this was for her to do, but she kept the faith! 

8 Weeks Later

Dec 4

Her skin was quite red and still coming out. We asked the owner to begin applying every other day rather than daily. Sometimes, this is just necessary. We never want the dog to experience discomfort during treatment. It's okay to slow things down a bit, it's not okay to quit! 

before-after dec 4

Dec 12 

Two weeks later, we see little bits of fur starting to come back and the redness decreases.

 Before-after Dec 12

Although 8 weeks have passed, it's clear that Kelly is not ready to start the Restoration Crème. That's fine, because we knew this would be a slow progress. 

We asked Kelly's mom to continue using the Skin Rescue Lotion and bathing less frequently. 

Kelly nov20-jan21

You can see the shift from November thru January. By slowing the treatment, we don't stress the dog's skin. Sensitivity is common in dogs going through treatment and it's fine to decrease use for a few days. 

The photo below shows Kelly's back, which was severe to begin with and of course became more severe before it completely healed. The flakes you see are bits of the older skin being exfoliated. Kelly's mom treated that flakiness with a gentle Dead Sea Salt Scrub exfoliation. 

Kelly BA

This yeast infection was quite a bit worse than anyone knew. It would take time to gradually get to her healthiest skin. 

In late December, we suggested a diet change which the owner was happy to explore. There are many options for diet and we hope you'll explore some options that work best for you and your dog. 

January, 2021

Kelly Dec - Jan

February 2021

Kelly Dec

The flakiness continues as the lotion expels the infected skin and yeast.


Jan 2021

Kelly Dec-Jan

March, 2021

We know you're all thinking, "Will this ever work?" 

Yes, yes it will. 

It is important to continue using the Skin Rescue Lotion every day - even if you're completely discouraged. If you need encouragement, let us know. We'll do our very best not to steer you wrong!

This process takes time and a strong level of commitment. Don't give up! 

April, 2021

By April, we have a nearly fully cured girl! Kelly still has a few small patches on the back of her legs, but the rest of her body is in beautiful condition. Kelly's owner will continue treating those small patches on her legs with Skin Rescue Lotion or Hot Spot Salve and they will become healthy, just as the rest of Kelly's body did. 

We're so happy that Kelly's owner encouraged us to share her story. She hopes it will give hope to others who are starting their journey and need motivation. 

Meanwhile, Kelly is looking great and her owner writes, "Her new fur looks and feels like exactly the same as her baby fur! Very soft and wool like!"

Kelly April 2021

Well done, Kelly and big shout out to Kelly's owner! We love seeing Kelly's amazing new coat and we're so happy to bring you her story.