March 07, 2024

Patience & Progress: Turning the Corner in Alopecia Treatment for Pets

DERMagic blog: Patience & Progress

Our 4-Step DERMagic System was designed to be a safe and gentle alternative to treat and restore our pets' lovely coats after hair loss. An integral aspect of this treatment, which cannot be packaged, is Patience. 

Hair loss, or Alopecia, is frustrating topic to navigate. At DERMagic, we aim to guide our customers through early treatment until significant hair regrowth is achieved, helping them navigate their pets recovery turning the corner towards healthier hair!

A comprehensive examination by a veterinary professional may also uncover:

  • Clues to hormonal imbalances in specific breeds
  • Possible melatonin imbalance 
  • Unknown allergens
  • Harsh grooming practices
  • Hair thinning
  • Black Skin Disease
  • Issues with diet or excess yeast
  • Poor Diet

Alopecia X is a given term describing hair loss when we still have no specific knowledge and haven't yet ruled out skin allergies, infections, parasites, or other medical conditions. The 'X' can either be a symptom or disease and may not always require aggressive treatments. This is where DERMagic can play its role in treating pet hair loss.

 Progress: Weeks 1-2 with the DERMagic System

At DERMagic we hope to provide insight and a way forward in helping our beloved pets. We might not have the immediate answers for each symptom yet, so how do we know there is progress?

Here are some early helpful hints when utilizing our DERMagic System to treat pet hair loss.

 Week 1

  • Consistent treatment is key- Use Skin Rescue Lotion twice daily, Hot Spot Salve for irritated regions must also be treated daily.
  • Patience is part of treatment.🎗️
  • Things may look worse before hair loss gets better.
  • Log your pet's progress early on & throughout treatment. 

 Week 2

  • Be consistent. 
  • Continue to use Skin Rescue Lotion, now apply once daily.
  • Continue to log your pet's progress.✍🏻
  • Continue to be patient.
  • Continue to provide a clean healing environment for your pet.

Helpful Hints For Weeks 3-4

Continue to bathe twice a month using our DERMagic Shampoo and Conditioner.


Sun Shield Tee helps with calming pets during Alopecia treatment

Recover quicker! 🔔 We highly recommend some additional comfort for your pet against any self harm by adding a soft shirt like the Sun Shield Tee. These shirts offer a calming effect against anxious pets going through the phases of healing and will buffer against their need to scratch excessively.


DERMagic Skincare: Pink skin is a positive sign of recovery.

In weeks 3 to 4 we can hopefully begin to see pinkness. This pinkness may look as if the skin is having a flareup when in fact this could be the signs we are turning the corner in seeing new skin cells!

Cell Restoration Creme at this pivotal stage will further help the growth of new healthy skin and restore moisture. 💦 

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Helping our pets recuperate from hair loss may seem at times discouraging. It is possible for recovery in severe cases to be a few months or longer. Be patient. Each pet will respond differently to treatment depending on their condition and some pets will show signs of turnaround quicker than others. 🐾