May 03, 2021

What to Expect when Treating with DERMagic

What to Expect when Treating with DERMagic

Yeast conditions in dogs and cats are one of the most common reasons for fur loss and itching; and the number one cause of a diagnosis for Alopecia X or Black Skin Disease.

You've decided to give DERMagic a try, but aren't sure what to expect. We want to break it down for you!

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Keep in mind that every dog experiences DERMagic differently. Some will see fur growth return in 6-8 wks. Others will take 6 months or even longer to fully recover. It depends on several factors: 

  • Your dog's condition and how bad it actually it is (not how it appears to be)
  • External conditions (such as diet, environmental factors, and more). 
  • Your commitment level (how often you apply the lotion, bathe your dog, and more). 

Stay the course! DERMagic works if you follow the directions and are diligent in applying the Skin Rescue Lotion daily. 

Day 1-5

You'll notice an almost immediate reduction in your dog's itchy skin. This relief will continue throughout treatment. You’ll also notice that the lotion is a bit sticky. It is designed that way to help it stick to your pet's skin. But, you may find that you prefer to wear a pair of nitrile gloves to apply the lotion. That's perfectly fine as well. 

Our lotion should be very soothing to your dog, but it may take a few days for them to adjust. You may notice a slight smell of sulfur when it's applied and that is also normal. It's simply the all-natural ingredients doing their job.  

Week 1-2

If your pet still has fur in the areas you are treating, trim it down to ½” or so.

Some customers don't like to do this because so little of their pet's coat is remaining, but it will make it much easier to apply the lotion. Your pet's remaining fur (which is actually unhealthy fur) will be falling out during treatment anyway. Don’t worry - the fur will come back healthier and thicker! 

We urge you to take photos of your progress each week. Not only do we love showing them off, but this is not a short process and you'll want to have a record of the progress.

Be sure you are applying the Skin Rescue Lotion twice a day and keeping the area covered with an old t-shirt. If you have a small dog, you can use a onesie. This will help keep the lotion in place all day.

Kelly in onesie

If your dog experiences a rash, or appears uncomfortable, simply take a break from the lotion for a day or two. It’s perfectly normal to see some redness as the lotion does its work, but we don’t want your dog uncomfortable. Some dogs are very sensitive and it’s necessary to move a bit slower with treatment.

Week 3-4

Your dog's fur will begin falling out and the skin may have flakiness to it. Don't panic! This is how DERMagic works!

The unhealthy layer of skin will eventually flake off as healthy new cells are developed to take the place of the bad skin cells. This process revitalizes your dog’s fur growth and helps release all the yeast that has caused fur to stop growing.

hair falling out

Remember, it will take time to expel the yeast and infected skin, as well as clear the pores that cause future issues. This is part of the process. 

Before-after nov-Jan

Week 5-6

In most cases, you'll see new fur begin coming in. The skin should be a healthy pink and all black spots should be gone from the belly. Your dog will begin feeling much better and you may even notice some puppy-like behavior!

You should be seeing flaky skin by now, and that may be concerning. Don’t worry - it’s perfectly normal.

Before-after Dec

Use DERMagic Dead Sea Salt Scrub to naturally exfoliate these areas. During your pet’s bath, take a handful of salts and gently massage them into your pet’s skin.

Week 6-8

By now, most of you will see obvious signs of new fur growth and healthy skin.

Kelly after 

Read Kelly's story in our blog

After your dog’s skin is pink and healthy looking, you can switch to the DERMagic Skin Restoration Crème to further aid new growth.

Don’t switch to the Restoration Crème too early or the yeast could come back.

It’s important that your dog’s skin be fully healed before stopping use of the Rescue Lotion.

Delays in Treatment

What if you're not seeing these results? Does that mean it won't work for your dog? Absolutely not. You just may need to use it longer. Case in point is this cute pup, whose mom applied the lotion using a soft brush. 

before-after-week 4

What looks like healthy fur began to fall out she looked worse after 8 weeks. This is totally normal. Yeast has a way of hiding itself and migrating around the body. 

Stay the course and don't panic. DERMagic works!

You'll see this dog's happy ending after nearly 8 months! Some cases just take longer... 

Week 9-12

This is often (but not always) the time to begin celebrating your success! Your dog’s fur should be coming back healthier than ever. You may still be seeing flaky skin. That’s okay - just use the DERMagic Dead Sea Salt Scrub to exfoliate and remove flakes during your next bath.

If you’re not seeing signs of progress, it’s time to evaluate other contributing causes - such as diet or supplements. In rare cases, our program may not work for pets. If that’s the case, be sure to have your dog tested for other things, including thyroid conditions.

This is the same dog above who looked even worse after these long weeks! However, the owner was committed as were we. Again, we will show you her happy ending! 

After more time

Month 6

Keep up with the Cell Restoration Creme and a sharp lookout for any stubborn areas of yeast. This may occur in certain areas:

  • Paws: Gently massage in Skin Rescue Lotion to paw pads
  • Legs: Use either the Skin Rescue Lotion or Hot Spot Salve to treat stubborn yeast areas on legs or tail. Belly: Use either the Skin Rescue Lotion to treat stubborn yeast areas on the belly. This is especially important at first sign of any black spots that may appear.
  • Head: The top of the head is another area to watch. Use the Skin Rescue Lotion to treat these areas.

Moving Forward After Recovery

During regular grooming, be sure to check your dog's belly for signs of black spots. You will also need to watch for signs that yeast may be coming back. This includes itching, or fur loss. 

 At the first sign of black spots on the belly, rashes, or any type of itching - it’s important to treat with the Skin Rescue Lotion or Hot Spot Salve immediately.